A trip to the north

Hello folks, travel is also increasing again in Kyushu. Corona measures are still present everywhere, however. The vast majority of people still have their masks on. It is not a problem to walk around without it, except in medical facilities or nursing homes.
The procedure regarding Corona in restaurants or hotels is very different. From taking a temperature and disinfecting hands, to a glass panel in the middle of the table between couples, or even no measures at all, everything is possible.

A recent trip took us from Miyazaki on the highway north to Oita. Most of the time it is only one lane, the speed is signaled with 70 kmh. If you stick to it, you don’t make yourself many friends. Quickly one is the head of a long column. With 90 to 95 kmh one is fluent in traffic. Controls are rare, I have never seen a speed camera.

Leave the highway at Nobeoka and take the 326 to Bungo-Ono, from there to Oita. So you experience beautiful nature on well-maintained roads. In terms of time, of course, this route is longer. On the highway you drive through at least fifty tunnels, some of them poorly lit. This is stressful and no fun.

After Oita take the number 10 road along the sea to Beppu, with a visit to the “Seven Hells”.

Afterwards, continue on the mountain road (Mt Yufu) to Yufuin. Visit the Floral Village and the Kinrin Lake. Details of Yufuin here.

Detailed preparation for travel by private car can be very helpful. So define all destinations beforehand and scout them out on the Internet. The navigation systems in the cars are mostly only in Japanese. In my system it is possible to enter the destination coordinates, so you can avoid language problems. Very often it also works with a phone number. Along the larger towns you can get along well without a navi. But if you go inland, you can quickly get lost.

The journey continues to Aso and Takachiho, go to page 2: